Donate Your Change to Make a Change in Someone's Life

Our local church in Kilgore, TX collects coins year-round

Imagine losing your job right before Christmas or being unable to afford gifts for your family. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many families in the Kilgore, TX area. The good news is, your loose change can make a world of difference.

Faith Tabernacle of God in Christ collects donations all year long through our Change for Change fund. Then, around Christmas, we use the collection to help families in need.

Just think, your loose change could be used to pay for...

  • A home-cooked Christmas dinner for a needy family
  • Something special for the parents
  • Toys for the kids

Bring your change the next time you visit our local church.

Our children lead by example

The Change for Change fund was started by the youth group at our local church. When our kids heard that some families in the Kilgore, TX area wouldn't have a Christmas, they took change from their piggy banks and took matters into their own hands. Call (903) 483-5185 now to learn more about this outreach program.